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Besides the love and passion for medicinal herbs and phytotherapy, they anticipating the need of natural and environmentally friendly cosmetic products are increasing, Katia Palagano and Emanuele Avai, who with over 30 years experience in the world of professional cosmetics, founded MAVEX SA in beautiful city Lugano Lamone, Switzerland in 2009.

The adventure began with a refined foot spa treatment with Alpine Herbs and Salt Crystals from the Swiss Alps, which immediately opened the doors of the best spas around the world.    Afterwards, the launch of a real technological innovation that revolutionized the pedicure profession: the treatment, which, despite countless attempts of copying it, over 10 years of undisputed success, it remains the uncontested leader in the world.

Highly effective professional products and treatments provide high level results, true sensory emotions designed for the most aspiring customers.  MAVEX grown exponentially in just few years.  Our head-to-toe skincare products are widely used by beauty salons and spas among those of world best hotels nowadays.  Numerous awards and recognitions received internationally proven MAVEX outstanding quality and innovation.

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